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My IEEE Accomplishments

Dr. Kumar has served in a wide range of leadership roles.  His efforts have led to enhancements within TA , has increased globalization and increased cooperation across various OU’s.  He was inducted into the TAB Hall of Honor.  He fosters cross-functional cooperation and innovation using his technical know-how and leadership skills.


Recent Leadership Roles:

  • Chair of IEEE Data-based Business Strategy AdHoc Committee

  • Chair of IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee

  • Chair of DataPort

  • Co-Chair of CHIPS Volunteer Advisory Board

  • Member, IEEE Industry Engagement Committee

  • Strategy Adviser and Magazine Board Chair, SSCS

  • IEEE Sections Congress – 2020 Advisory panel, 2017, 2014, 2011 TA Chair

  • Boards of Governors – SSCS, SSIT, HKN

  • MGA VoLT Instructor


Technical Activities Leadership:

  • TMC 2015-17

  • Strategic Planning 2014-16

  • Vice-Chair Entrepreneurship 2015-16

  • Chair Society Turnaround Committee (SSIT) 2012-14

  • MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee, TAB Representative 2011

  • Ethics and Conflict Resolution 2010

  • TAB FinCom 2009-10


Society Leadership (SSCS)

  • Society Directions committee Advisor (2021-present)

  • President 2012-13; Vice-President 2010-11; Treasurer 2005-09; CICC Representative to SSCS AdCom 2000-04; Nominations Chair 2014-15; Chair, Magazine Advisory Board, 2014-present.

  • As SSCS President/President-elect, promoted outreach for global presence

  • Facilitated formation of 12 new Chapters (15% growth in 2 years)

  • Led programs that transformed declining Society membership trend to positive annual growth (~2.5%) in 2 years

  • Promoted volunteer recognition - Fellow nominations increased by 80%

  • Enhanced educational activities - >15 tutorials/short courses available online, 7 Distinguished Lecture “Tours” in Regions 8-10 (participated in 3)

  • Launched successful SSCS Webinar program

  • Distinguished Lectures on behalf of SSCS and EDS

  • Supported GOLD/YP and WIE activities

  • Championed/promoted member value

  • Spear-headed approval and launched IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine focused on historical, educational and newsworthy content (2005-06). Tutorials Editor for five years.

  • Used Leadership skills that drove the formulation/approval of cross-functional publications:

  • IEEE RFIC Virtual Journal – Fostered cooperation between SSC/CAS/MTT/ED/AP Societies

  • JXCDC – IEEE Journal on Exploratory Computational Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits (sponsors SSCS/Magnetics/NanoTechC/CAS/Computer; technical co-sponsors EDS/C Superconductivity/CEDA)

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