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My Vision

Having gained much experience in leading four activities withn IEEE TA, and having participated in three recent Region meetings  I have gained a good understanding of the areas I would focus on.  First, we need to incentivize the development of cross-functional, multi-disciplinary, real-world solutions.  These will draw in members that are not currently Society members.  Next, focusing on topics and areas of interest to young professionals, such as climate solutions and career development, we will become more relevant to that community.    This approach will go a long way in potentially reducing the YP dropout rate after graduation.  Lastly, we need to find ways to implement projects at a much faster rate.  Technology solutions are being implemented in the industry at a very rapid rate.  Unless we tackle this problem we may experience obsolescence. 


IEEE/TA has an excellent reputation and brand for being the premier research publication/conference venue.  We need to build on this reputation and either expand or build a new brand focused on solutions relevant more broadly and to the industry.  It will be my pleasure to advance these priorities if elected VP of Technical Activities. We also need to grow our Members globally and continue to improve our records on Diversity. 

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