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My Vision

IEEE/TA has an excellent reputation and brand for being the premier research publication/conference venue.  S/C’s focus have been focused in individual FOI’s.  Our revenues and membership trends have been under pressure and have prompted numerous initiatives with limited success.  By focusing on understanding and meeting Customer needs in this industry environment of accelerated Product Development cycles, I believe there are many opportunities for IEEE to expand our reach to a broader community and grow our revenue.  A focus on innovative cross-functional solutions that enable customers to introduce products more rapidly and solve climate problems by connecting overall megatrends to customer needs is a must. Using creative business and operating models  we can offer novel solutions that leverage our Data, Roadmaps, Digital Transformation, and other new technologies  With my broad Technical, business, entrepreneurial and academic experience I can bring together TA to enhance our offerings.  My key priorities are:


  1. Better understand Customer needs, including those of Practitioners and millennials

  2. Promote cross-functional cooperation to create multidisciplinary solutions to meet customer needs

  3. Promote and drive re-positioning of existing, and the creation of new Products, Events and Services to attract new members globally and improve our diversity, e.g., DataPort, IEEE App, Roadmaps, ILN etc.

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